Al-Kooheji Foundation adopts the educational program «Abjad»

The chairman of the Future Youth Association, Sabah Al-Zayani, said that 30 children with cancer are currently benefiting from the educational program “Abjad”, as one of the programs of the initiative «smile» to support children and cancer patients and their families.

Future Youth Association received financial support from Abdul Rahim Al-Kooheji Foundation, which adopted the expenses of the program «Abjad», «Abjad» is an academic follow-up of sick children during the treatment period, and provide free lessons to them to ensure their commitment to the program and avoid the impact of the disease on their academic achievement.

Al-Zayani expressed gratitude to Abdul Rahim Al-Kooheji Foundation for their generous support for the program, stressing the importance of this support in enabling the initiators of the “Smile” initiative to improve the services provided to the heroic children who fight cancer, praising the efforts of the volunteer teachers in the program and their keenness on Achieving the desired results.

Mr. Al-Zayani received the support from Mr. Ahmed Abdul-Ghaffar Al-Kooheji, representing the Board of Trustees of Abdul Rahim Al-Kooheji Foundation, in the presence of Mr. Mohammed Al Ansari, CEO of the Foundation.